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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz EPISODE 95, 25th November 2020
Why Do I Feel Shitty?
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Why Do I Feel Shitty?

Today’s episode is all about why we might feel off, or just not great despite putting ourselves in the position (ie: healthy habits, positive rituals or self-love checklists) to feel great! I deep dive into some interesting perspectives all inspired my IG post that recently lit a fire in me titled: The “Why we feel shitty all of the time” Starter Pack. 

I discuss this post and the effect it had on me as well as how our fears play a role in our general wellness. This episode discusses healing strategies and how the pendulum swing of life affects us in various ways despite our best efforts.

Be prepared to be filled with some little (and big) nuggets and also to open your mind to new offers/suggestions on how YOU can tap into your lower vibrations to heal some deep seeded wounds on your own. 

This episode is fun, light with some options to dive deeper into your personal well-being! 

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