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14. Be First, Be Solid, Be Uncommon: Growth Farming with D Grant Smith
Episode 1415th November 2023 • Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself • Meredith Ochoa
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Be first, Be Solid, Be Uncommon.

Today we are getting our daily dose of Vitamin D Grant Smith as we discuss what the hell growth farming is, how to go through hell and come out whole, and unleashing your confidence & inner power.

Before we dive in, I want to thank you for having the bravery to face your shit and heal yourself.  

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So who am I and why did I decide to create this show? Well, after unraveling all of the medical & pharmaceutical lies I had been told about my endometriosis, I educated myself, and I was able to heal myself after 17 years of debilitating pain.  On this show, whether it's endo or any other disorder labeled as 'chronic', we expose the lesser-known solutions that can heal your mind, body & spirit. 

My experience inspired me to actually live my art, so I created an ongoing art series about it called, Every Phase––where I powerfully illustrate how I healed myself as I live by the phases of the female hormonal cycle. The artwork shows what's happening in the brain and the body during each phase and reveals how to biohack & leverage this energy in your life. 

I am actually living the art, so it's about more than just healing. The writing and art discuss truth, freedom & our current financial & healthcare system slavery–and the way out.  Learn more by subscribing at

While you’re there, check out my NEW $50 Limited Edition Bite Size Art Acrylic Block pieces capturing all of the images from the Every Phase Series + be sure to pick up a signed copy of my award-winning augmented Reality (AR) interactive book, Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself.

So all of that to say, even though I was lied to for years by big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve the impossible. This space introduces them to you.

Today we are chatting with author, speaker & alchemist D Grant Smith.

He is a lover of great stories and the power that stories have to connect us to ourselves, each other, and our purpose. He's used the power of storytelling in every industry he's worked in including being a syndicated radio host, a personal development teacher, life coach, and marketing professional. Focusing his creative abilities on ways to make powerful life lessons easy to understand, he writes and teaches others through the power of story how to transform their lives and relationships, particularly for highly sensitive individuals and creatives. The results you'll experience from hearing D Grant are inspiration, improved confidence and empowerment, an increase in joy, peace, and happiness with a little fun thrown in there too.

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Be Solid: How to go through Hell and come out whole

The Saturn of Utopia

For all Creatives, to boost the hell out of your career: The DIY Radio Musician's Handbook


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D Grant: Don't take yourself so goddamn seriously.

if we would stop taking ourselves so goddamn seriously, taking things personally, and start and begin a practice of It's okay, I love you,

I believe we would have world peace. I believe there would be no such thing as poverty. I believe there would be no such thing as sickness. I believe there would be no such thing as war.

And I believe that us as individual conscious creators, us as pieces of God, if we all embodied this grace for ourselves and grace for other people, and we stop taking everything so seriously and stop getting so personally offended by every little thing, our world would literally transform overnight.

our daily dose of vitamin D [:

And why did I decide to create this show? After unraveling. All of the medical and pharmaceutical eyes. I had been told about my endometriosis. I educated myself and I [00:02:00] was able to heal myself after 17 years of debilitating pain. Whether it's endo or any other disorder labeled as chronic, we expose the lesser known solutions that can heal your mind, your body and your spirit. I'm also an artist and photographer.

So I created an ongoing art series about it called every phase. Where I illustrate, how I healed myself. Has I lived by the phases of the female hormonal cycle? The artwork shows what's happening in the brain and the body. During each phase and reveals how to bio-hack and leverage this energy in your life. I am actually living the art. While you're over [:

I personally know Lance the owner. We did a wildly powerful episode. What the health is the name of it. Definitely give it a listen. These are some of the tinctures and supplements I currently take. I really, really love the pine pollen tincture for both men and women's hormonal health. As it has drastically helped me sustain and continue my menstrual and sexual health. Speaking of sex first, if there is a woman, you know, who is struggling with period pain, the foundation. Of how I healed myself, began with reading woman code and in the flow by Alyssa Vitti. For an easy to understand one stop shop of this cycle, sinking methodology with meal plans, [00:04:00] explanations and all the works.

I highly recommend. The period liberation protocol by chef bay. No matter what point you're at in your healing, the recipes meal plans and detox methods are invaluable. And to sustain that true healing, we have to strengthen the foundation of where it all begins. At home. And by home, I mean the home within you. The best relationships, confidence, success, and the foundation of all healing and everything we really want. Begins with you. To cultivate this checkout D grant Smith's incredible growth farming platform using my affiliate link below. So all of that to say, even though I was lied to for years, My doctor's promoting big pharma.

expert we are chatting with [:

He writes and teaches others through the power of story, how to transform their lives and relationships. Particularly for highly sensitive individuals and creatives, the results you'll experience from hearing D grant. Our inspiration, improve confidence and empowerment. An increase in joy, peace and happiness with a little fun thrown in there too. His transformational storytelling, personal growth teachings, life lessons, and more are all[00:06:00]

when I started my radio show before I made the first episode, I wanted to have a different name because I thought Dave Smith was the most boring name ever. And, so I asked a couple of friends, I was thinking I'll go with like Don Johnson or something like that, but there already is a Don Johnson.

D Grant: So this is before Dos Equis came out. I could have just been like, I'm the world's most interesting man, because that would have segwayed into all these interesting things that I would have done that I didn't know I was going to do, because I have lived a very interesting life.

How to bless the living hell out of your career

D Grant: I've talked to amazing people now, you among them. but so my friend of mine said, why don't you go with your first initial and your middle name? What's your middle name? And I was like, my middle name is Grant. And I, nobody, I never went with that. And it was a name that was never said, ever.

So I was like, D Grant, that sounds sophisticated sort of James Bond y kind of thing. And they're like, yeah, D Grant sounds cool. It just rolls off the tongue. And I was like, okay, well, I'm going to go with that. So I was D Grant once a week when I did the Appetizer radio show.


He worked at the Dallas Morning News. She messaged me and said, do you know this guy at the Dallas Morning News that did this whole feature article on me? And I'm like, no. And she's you need to look this guy up cause he's in love with your show. And he found me and did this whole piece on it. And I'm like, what the crap?

So I contact this guy and we're still friends. And, he said, how come I can't hear your show in Dallas? And I said, cause I'm an Abilene dude. And he's well, you need to figure out how to get your show to Dallas. And so that's when I began reaching out to radio stations to pick up my show and get syndicated and I did it all myself.

to pitch [:

You'll get responses. I promise. So if you are an artist, it doesn't matter whether you're a musician or not. If you're an artist and you want people to pay attention to you, do what Dale Carnegie said in 1933. I wrote this in my book.

The first book I ever published is called The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook. Buy it! Not because you're going to give me money, but because it's going to bless the living hell out of your artistic career, I promise. It will tell you exactly what to do, even though it was written five or no, it was written close to 10 years ago.

In two months by showing an [:

Now, I've memorized that quote because it's proven true over and over again. Most people in the big grand scheme of the world, they don't know who I am, and that's perfectly fine. They will. But I have talked to some of the most influential people in business, marketing, media, music.

How did I do that? Because I was interested in them first. And because when I contacted them, I wasn't begging them to give me a chance at something. I was meeting them as an equal, but I was wanting to do something collaborative together. Do that, it will advance your career in so many different places.

My show went off the air in [:

Why? Because it's still available for them, and it still resonates with their audience, and they're still playing repeated episodes. I'm like the Car Talk of these places. We

Meredith: have to link to that. We have to link to that in the show notes. We're gonna link to that. That's

D Grant: awesome. So, to answer your question, going back to why I don't go by David, I'm perfectly cool with anybody calling me David.

It's my name, and it's the name of a king, and that's who I am. I own it. That's amazing. I own it now.

Meredith: and I love the, just vitamin D, the daily dose. So

D Grant: I love that. That was just an idea, like an idea somewhere that just came to me, cause I'm a very empowering and encouraging person. And somebody said something about like how they needed some vitamin D for their day.

name. So then once I had the [:

Going through hell & coming out whole

Meredith: Yeah, and you don't actually, this is something doctors won't tell you, you don't actually get vitamin D from the sun in the winter, which we're moving into.

So you need more vitamin D, Grant Smith, of, yeah, in both forms. So, and vitamin D, it's so it's actually perfect. It's perfect for your name because it's, helps your emotions, your brain, your immune system, the foundation of what's home, which you so often talk about. Like our home, essentially our temple that houses, there's multiple homes in our home and then we're in our home and we'll get to that.

h hell and come out whole So [:

D Grant: so in 2017 by the way, I'm a storyteller. So you're gonna ask me a question. I'm gonna answer with the story. in 2017 on February the 1st. I'm a date guy I woke up at 7, 6. 30, something like that, and came downstairs as I typically did every morning to make coffee for my wife and I, and, I was, my buddy, Tim was going to pick me up.

you ever listened to my old [:

Tim did the theme song for that. just a brilliant storyteller, singer, songwriter, and living human Care Bear. That I got to experience the power of his Care Bear stare on this day. And it ended up leading to the book that you asked me about. So, Tim invited me to go with him to co storytell with these kids about the power of love.

t I don't know how to say it.[:

And I was like, well, I got 30 minutes before I leave. What is it you want to say? well,

I don't love you. And. I want to leave.



Let me call Tim, I'll cancel the trip. We need to work on this. No, there's nothing you can do. I've already made my decision. Well, my identity was attached to that relationship, subconsciously and somewhat consciously too. My whole sense of value and worth came from being married to this person.

that's what happened to me. [:

I didn't know what to do. I thought everything was going to hell. And she said, just go on your trip and come back. I'll be here when you get back. And it felt like. It felt like Mike Tyson taking like a, an iron bar and pummeling me with it in the head, in the body, in the heart. And I got in my friend's car, we got on the highway, and he had asked me a couple questions, and I didn't know how to respond to them.

rs, I got to experience that [:

And then when I got back home, I did my best to try to heal things. Seemed like it was starting to, and then it didn't. And I got to a place where I really had to just let go and let God and, I was reminded of something that I experienced about 10 years prior to this when I faced something that at that point in time was one of my biggest fears.

But this was my actual biggest fear come to life. Rejection and abandonment. If you're a highly sensitive person, you know very well the fear of rejection and abandonment, not just by anybody, but by the person that you have committed your life to and they have committed their life back to you.

k about some of the things I [:

And I fell on the floor and I heard this voice in my head saying, Dude, that's not your story anymore. She confirmed you're really not good enough. Boom, I'm in the floor, I'm shaking, I'm crying, I feel utterly worthless, twenty stories below rock bottom, hell,

that she left me, she was a [:

She showed me how I felt about me and if I wanted to heal, I had to change the way that I felt about me. So I started writing that book and it came out in 2019 after a, and by the way, I'm still on that healing journey because there's still parts of my self concept that resonate with that. It's not good enough.

Rejection story. End. In any relationship, friend or otherwise, that I've had and continue to have, when that reflects back to me, instead of being mad at the person, I'm like, okay, thank you for the reflection. This is another, there's another thing that I need to love within myself, love myself, love other people.

That's where the healing comes from. So that's what, be solid, how to go through hell and come out whole. That's how I came into being. And that's how I'm still living this story. Wow.

Be Solid, be first, be uncommon

Meredith: It's [:

So the power of love I think most people think of it as Oh, the power of love, like when two people love each other. But in this instance, it's the power of love, not having it or not being reciprocated. So it's all the way around. That's what I really resonated with me from what you were speaking

D Grant: about.

my boxing coach taught me in:

Yeah. There's

Meredith: a movie about on a peacock or something. I w I watched a movie. It was Ashton Kutcher's a really crazy movie, but it took place in Abilene, Texas. Sorry. You sure it wasn't Abilene, Kansas? No, it was Texas. It was straight up Texas. Cause it's super Southern. It was like a very interesting, crime, but also, dark humor movie.

We'll link to that as well.

t the hood like, Brooklyn or [:

Meredith: personal thing. It

D Grant: was like... I was downtown Abilene. A really safe park.

That's the whole reason I brought this up. I was in a really, I was in a safe downtown. there's hardly anything that takes place, um, on a like regular afternoon. And I'm about to cross the street and there's this guy standing on the other side of the street that I don't remember what he looks like.

een living in My whole adult [:

They can't cross the street. How long are you gonna live like this? And I'm like, you're right. And so on my drive home after I got done with whatever I need to get taken care of, on my drive home, I passed this sign that I passed a zillion times before, but I hadn't been paying attention to it. The boxing gym.

And I was like, I'm tired of running. I'm going to join a boxing gym. I'm going to learn how to fight so that I'm not going to be afraid of this crap anymore. I called that gym and the guy that was there, he was just like, yeah, we got some punching bags. You can come hit some bags, whatever. And I'm like, I don't want to hit bags.

his is back when we actually [:

He's the only rule is you do what I say. And I said, yes, sir. So I joined Abilene boxing club and I learned how to train and become an amateur boxer. Now I have a zero and zero record, so I'm absolutely perfect. But, in terms of amateur fighting, I never fought anybody. Like in that deal, I sparred with a lot of people.

I sparred with guys that are way bigger than me. I got over my fear really fast. But one of the things that coach told us every day, he told us three things. To be solid, to be first, to be uncommon. And so my initial plan had been to write a three book trilogy about self love using these principles that I learned in amateur boxing of all places.

To be solid was the first one, and so that's where the title came from. Beautiful!

th: So can we expect another [:

D Grant: The there's a preview for what it was going to be 1st at the end of the solid. I've changed the way that I will be writing those books, but I've changed the way that I'm going to do them.

Be 1st was originally going to be about creating your own opportunities now. It is about putting yourself 1st because. I recognize that this is something that gets frowned a lot on in all of the societies and cultures around the world. As though you putting yourself first is this evil thing that God is going to judge you for.

When actually, that's horse shit. Can I say that? Oh yeah,

Meredith: this is face your shit, heal yourself, come on. Good. With another fucking artist. Yeah, hell yeah.

D Grant: So, I'm just gonna quote some scripture. And I am not a religious person,

to all of the different ways [:

God is in all things, lives in all things, and operates through all things, so there's no place you can go where God is not, which means that if I put myself first, that I am technically putting God first, because God is everywhere, and God is in me. And so it's not sacrilegious, and I'm not doing a disservice or placing myself above anything or anyone by making me first.

That's just the way that it is. If I put other people above me, then I become this codependent, needy, self sacrificing, self loathing, suffering, individual, and I already did that for 38 years, and it sucked. So I'm not doing that shit anymore.

Confidence Cultivation

Meredith: Oh, yeah! Amen, brother. Oh my gosh, that was so Beautifully said.

t of putting yourself first, [:

D Grant: Great question. So confidence is when you get down to the brass tacks of it, Meredith, confidence is one of the most core foundational elements of what it means to love yourself. Because it is about believing in yourself. It's about seeing your own worth, seeing your own value, embracing that, cherishing that, believing in yourself.

ersonal development and self [:

Awesome. And when I do that, which I'll be doing that this afternoon, first thing I do to start off every session is we do affirmations and the first affirmation that we do is the first affirmation I did in my own life. It's very simple. I believe in me.

So, here's something I'm sure everybody in your audience knows. The story that you're living, the life that you're living, is a story. If you want to change anything in your life, you just have to look at what story are you telling yourself. I told myself a story for a long time that I didn't believe in me, and I needed other people to believe in me so that maybe I could feel good about myself for 5 seconds, 5 minutes.

. What I didn't realize, and [:

Maybe that seems nuts. I don't care. It's the truth. I didn't think that I had a lion inside of me because I didn't see myself as that. I saw a lion as this tough, big, strong, giant, alpha male dude. And I will tell you this right now. I stand 5'7, weigh 125 pounds. I am a, not even lightweight, I'm a bantamweight, okay?

Lightweight's 135, I'll get there.

they're also not the fastest.[:

They're also not the strongest. They're also not the fiercest. They're also like the honey badger fights lions. It doesn't give a shit. It just goes right at them. But they don't call the honey badger the king of beasts, they call the lion the king of beasts. It's not the biggest, it's not the fastest, it's not the strongest, it's not the most powerful.

So what makes it the king? It does. That's confidence. And when I realized that there was a lion inside of me, that all the confidence that I've been looking for and wanting to have was already inside of me, I just needed to give it permission to come out. My whole life changed.

er. So. I've made this whole [:

And I say course, here's the thing. Here's the thing about, I'm going to use different words. I made this whole program. Courses get bought and started and not finished. Yeah. I'm not interested in that. Oh, and here's what I'll say, because we're going to link the course to, to this too. And I'm going to give you guys the exact same thing that I wanted to have when I was first learning this stuff.

I wanted somebody to walk through this process with me so I wasn't doing it all on my own. Because when you don't have confidence in yourself and you don't believe in yourself, hearing somebody tell you, Oh, you need to do this and do this and then everything will get better. Sounds good, but then it also feels impossible and we want so desperately somebody to come alongside us and be like, Hey man, I got you.

k with you through this. I'm [:

Because I didn't believe in myself. Let me give this gift to you. Join the course and you'll get that. Sounds awesome.

Conscious Creation

Meredith: Because you're, it's so true, people start courses in like this hope that I'm gonna believe in myself. Because, and I, and that may be enough, right, to get something going.

. And you can't fake energy, [:

I guess in a certain material 3d aspect, that's true. But you can't fake energy. You can't, there's no fooling source. So what do you think about when people, cause I know the automatic pushback would be, well, listen, I would love to believe in me, but I don't believe it and saying it, how do I get there?

Is it the belief? you start forming it from the belief, then you start saying it, or you see a little light, or, how would you, advise people that

D Grant: say that? great question. People say the same thing to me. well, I'm not gonna lie to myself. But, dude, you're lying to yourself all the time.

Yeah. Okay? Yes, you're right, you can't fool energy, but you can lie to yourself, and you can convince yourself something that's not true, because if you've been telling yourself that you're unworthy and you're not good enough,

e. You get to decide. When I [:

Here's the point, here, this is how I knew that I didn't believe in myself. Not only was I imagining that, some random stranger was gonna randomly jump me when I crossed the street. I would imagine that if I was at a party or a get together with friends, and I had some sort of issue with somebody or they confronted me or I confronted them and we got into some sort of hand to hand, we had to fight each other for some reason, that I would automatically lose because I'm the little guy, the runt, the one that gets beat up.

ill defend me and Hey, don't [:

And I had that imagination. And I think a lot of us want other people to fight our battles because we don't believe in ourselves. And so we can tell ourselves, I can't do this. It's never going to work. I can't lie to myself. I don't really believe in myself. I don't really believe that I'm strong and I'm powerful.

I am living fucking testimony to this dynamic power because the person that's communicating with you right now, with the authority and the power that I'm communicating that's coming out of my mouth, from my heart, into your ears, did not exist ten years ago.

When you own your story, And you decide what story you are going to live, and you commit to yourself in telling yourself a new story, even if your mind doesn't believe it.

You're the operant power. You decide what it's going to be. And this is the power of conscious creation. We're all created as conscious creators.

is. It's not lying. Mm hmm. [:

I'm converting something that I don't want into something that I do. Yeah.

Growth Farming Relationships

Meredith: And being truthful in what it is that you actually want and what you don't actually want. And it's all true when you think about the contrast. in order to even really know what you want, you must know what you don't.

because it is that contrast [:

It's, we're experiencing this as separate to remember that we're all connected. So it's just so just absolutely succinctly put in the way that you describe things in the stories you tell. I really wish that I would have known about your work so much earlier in my healing journey. I, there's just, there's so many.

Golden nuggets of value in all the content you create, like your YouTube channel, all that stuff, the stories you tell. There's just so many things that you've said that have really resonated and stood out to me. But one of my favorites that really hits home, pun intended, is The best relationships begin at home, and who's home?

You are. Transforming the [:

So that all being said, our relationship with ourselves being the foundation of everything else. Very few people seem to cultivate that. Could you share your thoughts about self love and then your process in helping others cultivate that in themselves? Yeah,

D Grant: great point. For a long time, I thought that I was looking for home in another person.

s never meant to be that way.[:

Their purpose is to bring you back to yourself because you are your home. And, and that's been my experience. So, when you want to come home to the truest of true loves, you are your own true love. And the sooner you accepted that, which by the way, Talking about lying to yourself. If you've spent any amount of time in America from 19, I don't know, 10 or 20 to now, you've been indoctrinated, conditioned, programmed to seek and chase after love from someone else and have some sort of fairytale experience.

et hitched and none of their [:

Anyhow! When you realize that the true love that you've been seeking is you this entire time, it changes the nature of the way that you look at love. And at the same time, you're also your own best friend. So this goes back to the putting yourself first thing. we are trained, taught, and conditioned to put.

Other people first, put the love of your life first. Okay, make yourself the love of your life and put the love of your life first. Absolutely. So what I do and what I teach and what I guide people in is this practice that I call growth farming. You've seen, you see my name, D Grant Smith Dashley, growth farmer.

ut of it is this right here, [:

Your ethereal body, your energy body, is this dome that surrounds you up to 9 meters wide. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this. That's your energy body. That's awesome. Whatever it is that you are planting, and you're doing it with your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings, they're all seeds, and some of them have grown into things, and you are cultivating that by repeating these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

to the other things. And so [:

Maybe you struggle from anxious attachment. I did. I did. For 40 years. This year has been a big year of me letting go of anxious touch. Am I all the way let go of it? No, but I'm 95 percent better than I was this time last year. It's been hard, but it's been necessary. If that's your thing, you're, you have to realize that's part of your story.

ave to realize that's taking [:

I didn't. The codependency. Not real love. I didn't know what love really was. I didn't know how to give real love to myself. That was the cause of all of my pain. By the way, it's still the journey for me to continue to learn what love really is. Continue to practice giving it to myself. I am a student for the rest of my existence.

I am an expert at nothing. I will never wear that title. I've been on shows that are called ask the experts. And I get put in these boxes where people say you're an expert at relationships. You're an expert at communication. You're an expert at writing. You're an expert at storytelling. You can say I'm an expert at all those things.

erything about anything. I'm [:

Meredith: The real experts are students.

It's true. But once a master, always a student. Seriously.

D Grant: Yeah. So, I continue to practice and teach how to sow love in my inner garden. The garden of my heart, the garden of my mind, the garden of my energy body, the garden of my physical body. Exercise is a huge part of things. My higher self continually tells me, Hey dude, you need to move around more.

Because energy needs to move. And when I'm feeling out of whack, it's not anybody else's fault. I've had all kinds of moments, even in, at this stage and level of my growth and my awareness, where I've had issues with other people, and for a little while I get pissed off at them because they did something that set me off.

And I've told [:

And I've gotta clean, clean, and clear that out by my own conscious decision. To I'm sorry, please forgive me. Thank you. I love you and clean and clear the reflection is it's not the other person It's something that's inside of me that I can't see but all of this stuff is the inner work And this is the inner gardening the gardening of the heart mind body and spirit and this is what I do This is what I teach This is how we come home to ourselves and take care of the inner side of us The part of us that actually matters our consciousness and that's how we transform our lives I call this practice growth farming word.

it in the stellar VIP group [:

I experienced it. it was absolutely awesome. And it was such a really authentic form of connection of not knowing someone, but just through our beingness, being connected. And that is what I felt in that group. so beyond confidence and beyond these conversations about the higher self and all of that stuff, but just the connection, the connectedness you feel with other people, because you are going within from the inside out.

And those conversations foster that. I cannot recommend this VIP group enough and thank you so much for having me on. It was

last week and we're so happy [:

Instead of it being like, this sounds like a really cool thing and people should definitely check it out. It's so I don't, I didn't want you to, I'm very big, like, integrity is one of my highest values. I don't, I'm not going to, if I say it, I do it. If I tell you something, it's the fucking truth, so when people say, well, that sounds really great, but you know, if you really mean that, and I try not to get upset because, okay, you're probably used to people telling you what you want to hear.

redith, I wanted you to have [:

Now, unfortunately 5. 30 in the morning. the last part of our meetings is my favorite part. And the favorite part of all of our members, because what we do is, yes, it is a small group and not everybody in the group knows each other super well, but they're built. Everybody's building really strong relationships with each other because in this safe space, we are not only sharing our own personal perspectives and having discussions about the things that I need a discussion on or give a little teaching on like we did last night, but the very last 15 minutes or so, Individually, we speak blessing into each other.

ebody that I don't know? And [:

And love for you and your family and for more money to come into your bank account and to come into your pocket and for you to find randomly on the street And for you to have experiences today and tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the week that put a smile across your face That your face hurts from smiling so much speaking this and making a practice out of this, not only does it feel good to the person that's receiving it, it feels good from you.

uate an act of kindness into [:

Alright. The person giving the blessing or giving the act of kindness, they are benefited from it because they feel good and this is what they prove scientifically, they felt good. Serotonin released in the bloodstream, and their immune system increased. The person giving the blessing, or the act of kindness.

The second person, the person receiving it, got the same benefit. They felt good, and their immune system strengthened. And the third party to benefit from this experience was anybody that witnessed it. So, in our VIP, This is the Harvest Vineyard meetings that we do in the growth farming community. you are experiencing everything plus these weekly group coaching sessions in a safe space, especially geared for people that are like you and I, highly sensitive people, especially in leadership positions, all of our members.

aders. And we have this safe [:

Our immune system strength as we're receiving same thing as we're giving same thing. So that's my favorite part of. Possibly my favorite part of the whole week. Definitely my favorite part. I love doing that more than I love teaching.

Stop taking yourself so seriously

Meredith: Yeah. And I see why. I see why, honestly. Because it's that, it's like where teaching becomes really like on the court.

quick, one thing, everyone, [:


D Grant: two things, really. Well, I've got to pick one thing. That's the deal. So. Yeah.

Meredith: One to start, one to stop.

D Grant: The thing to do. The thing to start. Or continue doing if you're already in a habit of doing. Say I love you more. Say I love you more to yourself especially. Every time you walk by the mirror, I love you.

Any time you screw something up royally, this is how I practice grace, it's been totally healing in my life. And all of my coaching clients, and students, and members of my community, regularly say yeah, well I'm still doing that thing that you told me, DeGrant, it's this, five words, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

It's okay, I love you. Nice.[:

Talk about cleaning and clearing guilt, shame, judgment, scorn, bitterness, worry, anxiety? It's okay, I love you does all of that. So,

practice saying I love you. To your friends. You see them, I love you. You see them when you greet them, hey, I love you. You see them when you're going away, hey, I love you. Practice saying I love you. I learned this from practicing Ho'oponopono. And from Joe Vitale and Dr. Hu Lin, who wrote the Zero Limits book.

He's a cool guy. Dr. Hu Lin [:

We're just walking around saying, thank you. I love you. And even if we just get to a place where they're saying, I love you, you feel good, oh, but I don't really love all these people, but you can, your heart has the capacity for it. By the way, you are love.

That's what you came from. That's who you are. Embrace that. So that's what I would say to do. And then what not to do. Ah, okay. Another Wayne Dyer teaching. Rule number six. Can I tell a story? Sure. I'm practicing rule number six because as a highly sensitive person and as somebody that's very creative and also somebody that grew up in the south where there's a lot of self judgment, I, I violated rule number six for a very long time.

nded. Rule number six, dude. [:

And the resident diplomat remains calm and says, Judy, thank you, but please remember rule number six. Instantly, she calms down, takes a breath, pats herself down, apologizes to the visiting diplomat, apologizes to the resident diplomat, bows. The two diplomats go back to talking about the affairs of state. A few minutes later, the door swings open again, and this whole scene plays out a second time with a man.

e, and just like before, the [:

back, apologizes profusely, and leaves. And after this scene happens for a third time, the resident diplomat says, I gotta know. I've never, I've seen all kinds of things in my day, but I've never seen anything like this. Please tell me what is rule number six. And the resident diplomat says, Oh, it's very simple.

nded by the slightest little [:

I believe we would have world peace. I believe there would be no such thing as poverty. I believe there would be no such thing as sickness. I believe there would be no such thing as war. I wrote a book that you can read now, because you're a Growth Farming member, and I encourage everybody to read this book.

We can link it in the description as well. It's called The Saturn of Utopia. It is a, short fiction novel, but the whole premise of the story is this scientist finds a portal Out into another galaxy, into another world. And the, he finds this world because it emits an energy frequency that resonates with peace and abundance.

t is. So he journeys to this [:

To figure out what their secret is, and what he discovers is, the more that he looks for a secret to problems, or solving problems, the more lost and paralyzed he is. And what he actually has to do is get out of that energy altogether. And when he realizes that he has access of being able to get out of that energy altogether at any time, he just needs to practice that.

So that's actually the key to transforming the world. That's what he brings back. And I believe that us as individual conscious creators, us as pieces of God, if we all embodied this grace for ourselves and grace for other people, and we stop taking everything so seriously and stop getting so personally offended by every little thing, our world would literally transform overnight.

. And I definitely resonate. [:

So, it's holding both of those polarities.

And it's such an amazing story. I love that story that you told. And it reminds me a lot of actually an art piece I did. it's one of my favorite pieces. It's part of the Every Phase series. And how I yield myself, it's called Over the Rainbow. And there was a haiku that went with it. Because it's like me coming out of essentially my own womb.

as just like, so in my head, [:

So it was awesome. Thanks for sharing that.Speaking of art pieces, it is now time for our finale biohacking with art question. Are you ready?

D Grant: Oh, fire away.

Meredith: Might have to take some vitamin D. Ooh,

D Grant: I'll take some tea. it's, so it's sweater weather, as they say, on SNL, and it's hot tea weather.

And I'm, it's the one thing about the temperature changing that I actually can get behind. Because I don't like cold weather. I do like tea.

Biohacking with Art

Meredith: Cheers. Cheers to that. On that note, if you could describe growth farming with any art medium, how would you make it and what would you choose?


D Grant: I'm [:

Badass drummers, my favorite badass drummers and guitarists. It would be okay. Yeah This is what it would be two drummers. Okay three bass players two guitarists Instead of three and two singers With a horn section it'd be like dave matthews band on steroids And Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews drummer, would be one of the drummers.

The other drummer would be this guy from Spain named L. S. the Barrio, He is the

ow, it would be that, plus...[:

Donnie Yen, plus boxing, plus gymnastics, plus something like a David Blaine magic show, plus

storytelling, plus visual art taking place all around in three dimensional colors, and yeah, this is quickly turning into some sort of David Bowie fantasy, It could be

Meredith: like, it sounds almost like a musical, like you would experience it in different stages and there's different songs for different sections that you're visiting, so you're like, My art piece would literally be this musical or this performative

D Grant: experience.

e the birth of the world and [:

Yeah. There would be parts of it that are very action packed. but it would be something that you are participating in instead of just viewing. Yeah.

Meredith: Wow. Love that.

Living the art. It's something that I practice every day. And we are. We are all living in the art piece. All the world's a stage if you hadn't caught on by now, you will, as but we are making our piece every single day.

It has just been so real chatting with you today. And that's even an understatement to say that. I've so thoroughly enjoyed it. Tell us where people can find you and learn more about your work.


and I've continued to write other stuff. I wrote a book about self concept, which is your story, your life story, how to change that. and recently, actually this past Sunday, I wrote and published a brand new book that is totally free, all about confidence. You talked about confidence.

This is a way to get like a preview for what's inside my, program. It's called Unleash Your Inner Lion, Awaken Your Power and Confidence. But, this is a preview for that, and I break down six of the core fears that us as highly sensitive people deal with.

And, we face, and then I use actual real life stories from people that I have worked with and helping them overcome these fears to illustrate how, what the fear looks like, the damage that it does and how to overcome it. And all of this stuff is available at growthfarming. com. Go get the confidence book by going there and clicking on free resources.

And so it's [:

You want to take that to the next step and go even higher and come in and be a part of our community that Meredith and I talked about a few minutes ago. Yeah. Come in and be a Harvest Vineyard member. That's in the membership section too. If, and if you want to work with me one on one, I've got coaching options available there as well.

ore to help everyone go out, [:

And remember as always, the truth will set you free. We will see you all next time. Bye!

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