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Green Hydrogen (Mini-series) Ep 3 - The Role of the Large Energy Companies in the Hydrogen Economy with Biraj Borkataria
Episode 42715th December 2021 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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Biraj Borkataria is always looking at the details to determine how they affect the big picture.  As an analyst for RBC, ranked #7 globally for his sector, he’s a respected voice in the discussion around Big Energy’s transition toward climate solutions. In this Part 3 of our Green Hydrogen series, Biraj and I aim to take stock of how Green Hydrogen is developing through the lens of major global energy players.  What is tipping the scales?  Who is working together now and what role does the government play?  How can we separate hype from reality, what innovations are inevitable, and who can participate in the revolution?  Is there space for startups? Where are the billion dollar investments going?  Will the Supermajors play along?

If you’re new to the Hydrogen discussion, you’ll also appreciate the description on the “colors of hydrogen” (blue, black, green, what?), scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions defined, carbon capture ventures versus renewable hydrogen production, and even the details about carbon regulation in the European market vs the US. It’s technical, it’s eye-opening, and it’s packed into 55 minutes - fair warning, you may need to listen twice!  

This is part three of our Green Hydrogen Mini-Series.  You can follow along and learn more about our experts at

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There's a lot we dig into today, so sit back and enjoy

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