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Episode 9: Bilge Mert, CTO at Brit Insurance
Episode 922nd August 2022 • Behind the Desk... with Mark Thomas • Eames Group
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On the second episode of Behind the Desk with Mark Thomas, I am joined by Bilge Mert, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Brit Insurance. She has only recently joined Brit, leading their technology team and has been tasked with the next phase of the firm's technology transformation. 

Bilge is one of the most successful and highly regarded tech leaders in the insurance space right now. She has risen through the ranks quickly and has a brilliant story to tell.  

This is a fascinating conversation, where we talk about her early life and her love of math's and engineering, her views on gender diversity in technology and the insurance space, and some great insight into how she believes bridging the gap between the business and technology is the most critical skill for technologists to master. 

Let’s get behind the desk with Bilge Mert. 

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