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128. Family 1st Pt. 1: Sick of Living in Reactionary Mode? Try This!
Episode 12826th September 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Do you feel like you are constantly putting out fires in your business and at home? 

Like there's really no space for creation, innovation or possibility seeking, let alone fun and enjoyment? What you really want to do is dream of what's next, create for hours on end without interruption as you give birth to the next genius idea that puts you on the map as a sought after visionary and leader in your space, and then clocking out both physically and mentally after a fulfilling day's work to seamlessly transition into rocking it at home with your family? 

Today’s episode kicks off our three-part series that is essentially designed to help take you from a totally frazzled and overwhelmed to a laser-focused entrepreneur who knows, with the utmost confidence and clarity, what you're called to next. 

The result of this work over these next few weeks is going to help you become that family-first entrepreneur that you feel called to be, the person who is craving massive success in their  business without sacrificing what matters most. 


[3:37] It Shouldn’t Be This Way

[7:06] Leaders Don’t Play in the Sandbox of Reactionary Thinking 

[15:50]  Changing the Routines and the Rhythms

[20:00]  Having the Discipline 

[23:40]  Glass Balls vs Plastic Balls 

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  1. Go from Frazzled to Focused and get your concrete roadmap that will take you out of the overwhelm and into ultimate clarity!
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