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UX Soup - Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice EPISODE 50, 10th August 2021
Evolving Icons
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Evolving Icons

Icons are all around us in our personal computers and electronic devices to represent functions that we use daily, such as saving a document or attaching a file to an email. The first versions of these icons were created using metaphors or analogies related to the ways the tasks were previously performed, to ease the transition into a more digital framework.

However, many of these initial versions could now be replaced to resonate better with current generations of digital users, but why isn't evolving or replacing icons a simple task? How can we ensure that new versions land well with both younger and older generations? Are we getting into an era in which everything is so digital, ethereal, and abstract that it is not possible to create easily recognisable icons?

Lisa, Chris, and Diana reflect on this challenging topic that impacts us all. In Condensed Soup, they discuss their favourite or most interesting icon they have come across.

Want to share your opinion on icons that should or shouldn't have been replaced? Email us at UXSoup@strategyanalytics.com

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