Creative Restaurant Solutions during the Pandemic
Episode 285th April 2021 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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While the restaurant industry as a whole was crippled by the restrictions of the pandemic, some restaurants were able to not only weather the storm but thrive. Protein Bar & Kitchen and Fazoli’s are two brands who found innovative solutions to grow during a tumultuous year.

This week, we’re speaking with the CEOs of these two restaurant groups, Jeff Drake and Carl Howard respectively. Jeff and Carl walk us through some of the sales promotions that helped them thrive as well as what happened when they had to speed up processes that were already in the works.

Listen to learn about wildly successful promos such as the “Fauci” shake and the Super Family Meal.

  • (02:17) - Interview with Jeff Drake
  • (04:09) - Solutions for opening
  • (07:48) - Surprising innovations
  • (10:58) - Short-term trends
  • (12:33) - Accelerating change
  • (14:14) - Rising to the occasion
  • (16:29) - Embracing mistakes
  • (18:24) - Excited to work
  • (19:28) - Back on the offense
  • (21:58) - Interview with Carl Howard
  • (23:34) - Ideas from the past
  • (26:49) - Rolling out success
  • (30:22) - Sticking around long-term
  • (32:00) - Workforce response
  • (33:29) - Roaring 20's

This podcast is not intended to provide medical or legal advice.  Given the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic, guidance may change as our understanding of unique challenges that COVID-19 poses within each country, state, and locality. The views expressed in this podcast are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the National Restaurant Association (Association) and its affiliates. The Association does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or suitability of any information offered, and the listener is encouraged to do their own research and consider the applicability and suitability of the information provided for their own individual circumstances.

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