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The Air Purifier Revisited; Drill Driver 101; Designing with The Wrong Shoe; When You Should Use a Solvent-Thinned Product
Episode 34617th February 2024 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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This week, Dan and Hailey revisit the Kenmore Air Purifier that Hailey swears is a little miracle machine. Well, Dan bought one. What is his experience with it?

They also run a quick Drill Driver/Impact Driver 101 class, making sure you know when and where to use one or the other.

From there, the discussion focuses on the 'Wrong Shoe Theory'--an interesting trend in which intentionally mismatching elements can make fashion and home design more eye-catching and personal.

Finally, the show wraps up with a discussion of the pros and cons of traditional solvent-thinned coatings.

00:01 Introduction

01:35 Hailey's Air Purifier Experience

04:25 Drill and Driver Functions Explained

11:10 Impact Drivers vs Drill Drivers

18:43 How the Wrong Footwear Can Influence Interior Design

19:28 The Wrong Shoe Theory in Fashion

20:59 Applying the Wrong Shoe Theory to Interior Design

21:44 Personalizing Your Space with the Wrong Shoe Theory

22:25 Layering Different Time Periods in Design

24:13 Experimenting with the Wrong Shoe Theory

25:25 The Pros and Cons of Solvent-Thinned Coatings

38:05 Wrapping Up and Social Media Engagement