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170 - PRO Tip 1 - Fill Your Calendar BEFORE the Show
Episode 1705th September 2022 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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Trade Show PRO Tips - these are quick and powerful episodes that help exhibitors that are ready to go beyond the basics! If you are just starting out with trade shows, be sure to get great at the basics, and then start to incorporate some PRO Tips! Click here for episodes on the Basics

Trade Show PRO Tip #1 - Fill your calendar BEFORE the show!

  • If you are going to the right show, no matter how big or small, ideal connections will be there.  Could be current or potential customers, vendors, suppliers, or other important connections.
  • Remember to make time outside the show hours to connect with these people
  • If it’s a multi-day show, reach out and set meetings, breakfasts, lunches and dinners well before the show.  The key is to get on someone’s calendar before someone else does.
  • I have seen way too many times people get to a show with every intention of taking a good customer or prospect out to dinner, only to strike out and eat alone. 
  • You may have one chance to get with that person face to face, so get creative and max out your schedule. 
  • From early morning breakfasts to late-night drinks, the opportunities are plentiful. 
  • If someone already has a morning exercise routine, offer to go on a walk or run together while you talk.  Or get a time on the schedule for a few minutes during the day and the show.
  • One guarantee – once you get to the show, everyone is bombarded with new opportunities for lunches, dinners, after-hours, and other networking events.
  • Even if it’s a one-day show, still take advantage of time before or after the show for a meeting.  Just be sure to book it in advance.
  • So go to your next trade show with an absolutely full calendar and you will be blown away by your results!

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