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Interview with Jeff Hahler
Episode 2111th March 2020 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Michelle reached out and an old friend said, “Yes.” In today’s interview, Jeff walks through how he has landed on his passions, one of which includes working with foster dogs.

Podcast Episode Summary

We all have a story. Every single one of us. And, some of us take non-linear paths to find what we want in life. Jeff Hahler describes how he followed one thing to another which led him from High School to an Apprenticeship to a Job to a Wife to finding his passions.

If you love dogs, listen to Jeff’s story of how he fell in love with supporting dogs in an animal sanctuary.Adding onto his volunteer work with the dog sanctuary, Jeff will be spending time at a pig sanctuary..

Over the years, Jeff got more interested in fitness, and eventually his diet changed from a Standard American Diet to Vegetarianism to Veganism.

Next up? Jeff will be finishing his training to be a Personal Trainer.


“Try it, and you can change whatever you don’t like.” (On finding your passion and settling on a career.)

“The dog I adopted needed to be a dog.”

“I could barely walk a mile, now I can run 10.”

“It was a lazy factor … now it’s an ethical factor.” (On going vegan.)

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