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#7 We get vulnerable (what's new?)
Episode 715th February 2021 • Punch Drunk Vinyl • Punch Drunk Vinyl
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In this episode we talk about our feelings during the global coronavirus pandemic commonly known as "COVID" and explore our individual experiences.

This was recorded in November of 2020, about a week after the Presidential election and honestly, this covid inspired sad bastard type of stuff is a common theme for us, so, we'll probably revisit it again. Our goal is for you to feel like part of the conversation between two normal dudes who get together on the regular to have a drink and talk about music and how they feel about whatever.

Our show always ends with a "Spin of the Week" segment where we talk about what record we're listening to and why we like it so much. This week, we're so busy talking nonsense that we just breeze over that part and I promise ya, we'll revisit those records with more feeling! :)

Check us out on IG to see what we're drinking and listening to, or, just drop us a DM to say hello!

@punchdrunkrylan and @wesivers