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Episode 055: Helping Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Navigate The Software World
Episode 5523rd July 2022 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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Andre Barnes is a senior software consultant who partners with non-technical individuals to help them bring their ideas to market and achieve business outcomes. By translating highly technical concepts for the nontechnical, Andre helps bridge the gap between brilliant ideas and successful businesses.

Topics Include:

  • The Concept of No-Code and the Pros and Cons
  • STEM Trained Thinking and Problem-Solving for Business
  • Testing the Market with Your Idea
  • The Different Types of Developers and Languages to Consider
  • Front End vs Back End vs Full Stack Developer
  • How To Engage A Developer to Keep Scope/Costs in Check
  • Founder Mistakes with Developers
  • Technical Debt
  • All New Software Has Bugs

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