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44. How Many Calories Does Thermic Effect of Food Burn? | Calorie Burning Series
Episode 44 β€’ 30th April 2024 β€’ Mindin' My Wellness β€’ Dani Marenburg | Macros, Nutrition and Flexible Dieting Tips
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Welcome to the Calorie Burning Series!

Would you believe me if I told you that the type of food you eat can contribute to the number of calories you burn in a day? In part three of our Calorie Burning Series, I am diving into the thermic effect of food (TEF), and how you can use this information on your health journey. 

I'm going to cover what the thermic effect of food is, how much of an impact it has on the number of calories you burn per day, and how you can influence your TEF through the food choices you make and the eating habits you have.

Tune in and learn how to fuel your metabolism, no matter your health goals. Let’s dive in!

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