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E38 • Song Surfing with Friends, Laura from Laura Meets Musicians
Episode 388th February 2022 • Song Surfing • John Kehl
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Episode 38, Song Surfing with Friends: Laura from Laura Meets Musicians

The Song Surfing Podcast features the best in independent music! 

On this edition of …with Friends, John talks with Laura of Laura Meets Musicians, a multi-site network which features interviews and spotlights of indie musicians.  Laura picked some tunes by her favorite indie artists and talked about art, songwriting, and being creative.

Featured artists:

Scott Krokoff, Rory D'Lasnow, Petra Jasmiina, Alpha Circle

Laura’s links:

Laura Meets Musicians Blog


Laura’s Spotify Playlist

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The theme music for this episode is “Living in a Fishbowl” by Wien Solo

The outro music is Little Pills by Patrick Moon Bird

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