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Trust Calling with The Cold Call CEO Ryan Pereus #042
Episode 4226th August 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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In this podcast interview, Ryan introduces his companies, SuperHuman Prospecting and H2H Method, explaining how they complement each other. We discuss his book, "Trust Call," which rethinks cold calling tactics for human-to-human connection.

The conversation covers the relevance of cold calling today, Ryan's career journey, and how his upbringing influenced his sales approach. We explore principles for successful cold calling, including the "Natural Law of Buyer’s Resistance" and the components of a perfect cold call.

Trust-building emerges as a key theme, with insights on handling common prospect questions. Ryan introduces the concept of "The Trust Umbrella" and outlines his coaching method for cold callers, divided into Gatekeeper Conversation, Decision Maker Conversation, and Objections & Handles.

The interview closes with Ryan's perspective on AI in calls, including AI bots for cold calling. 

Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into effective sales strategies and trust-building in cold calling.

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Time Stamps:

[1:00] We start out with Ryan breaking down what Ryan’s company; SuperHuman Prospecting, does, then we get into what his other companyWe ; H2H Method, does and how both of his companies compliment each other.

[3:15] We cover off on Ryan’s new book; “Trust Call: Rethinking Traditional Tactics for Human to Human Connection in Cold Calling”.

[7:15] Is cold calling dead? What does the data say? We tackle Ryan’s view on the topic of using the phone in general as part of a company’s outreach strategy. 

[8:40] We zoom out and get into Ryan’s career journey leading up to founding his companies.

[13:00] Ryan shares a very personal story about his upbringing in a very Evangelical family where he evangelized their religion to the public and how that carried over to his sales journey.

[16:50] What drove him to focus his businesses on outsourced Sales Development.

[18:45] Ryan shares some of the Cold Call principals he holds close and teaches.

[23:05] Ryan explains “The Natural Law of Buyer’s Resistance.”

[24:10] I ask Ryan to breakdown what the components are of a perfect cold call.

[29:10] I read a passage on the topic of “trust” from the book and ask Ryan to expand.

[34:00] What to say when prospects respond with “is this a cold call?” You’re going to love this part. Ryan helps us to really start thinking like the prospect and puts us in their shoes.

[36:50] Ryan describes his concept called “The Trust Umbrella”.

[43:50] I ask Ryan to touch on how they coach cold callers. He shares how they have it broken down into three (3) sections: 1) The Gatekeeper Conversation, 2) The Decision Maker Conversation, and 3) Objections & Handles.

[50:50] Ryan gives his thoughts on AI in calls. An actual AI bot that can make cold calls.

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