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007: Erasing The Stigma of Mental Illness with Mike Young
6th August 2018 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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Mike Young is an expert in visual branding known as the “Makeover Master,” designing logos and other iconic elements for six figure entrepreneurs. In this episode, Mike discusses his years of financial struggle before finding success, the way in which his philosophy has changed over the years, how his kids enabled him to keep pushing forward, and how he and his wife now give back to the community through organizations that work to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Show Notes:

  • What is Mike most excited about in his life right now?
    • Everything: his family and professional lives are both incredibly fulfilling right now.
  • How did Mike launch his career, and why did he change tracks to working in visual branding?
    • Started a mortgage company right out of college, leading to ten offices and over 250 employees
    • Just before the 2008 recession, however, revenue took a downturn and business gradually dwindled.
  • How did his next business venture fare?
    • Took online marketing courses and acquired investor capital for an online literacy program.
    • Unfortunately he used up the capital within a few months and was left bankrupt.
  • What was his relationship with money like during those years?
    • Flawed. Had poor self-esteem at the time and would sabotage his own opportunities.
    • Nowadays, his emotions are no longer tied to his bank account.
  • What was the turning point for Mike?
    • There were hundreds for him, but the biggest was his kids. He couldn’t give up on himself because he didn’t want them to give up on themselves in the future.
    • He also realized that none of his failures were steps back, but steps to the left or right that would still lead him to where he wanted to be eventually.
  • What advice does Mike have for people caught in self-inhibiting or self-destructive patterns?
    • Decide what your ideal financial situation is like, seek out for someone who is in that situation, use them as a mentor and model their behaviour.
    • If you can’t have a mentor in person, look up courses online.
  • How did his branding business begin?
    • During a period of low business, helped other businesses make logos for free.
    • Realized he wanted to help other business owners avoid mistakes that he and others had made.
  • How did Mike meet his lead designer?
    • Hired a designer online to assist with a project who made him realize how unoriginal his own logo was.
    • Now they focus on completely original logo designs.
    • Learned that a logo alone doesn’t make a difference; it’s your entire visual brand.
  • Why does your visual brand matter so much, and how does it impact how customers evaluate you?
    • It’s the first impression any customer or client will have of your business or organization.
    • A cheap logo or website can give the impression that the product or service itself is cheap, even if it isn’t.
  • What cause is Mike most passionate about and why?
    • Mental health, due to experiences with suicide and anxiety in his family.
    • Now gives to and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • What is Mike’s advice for people in a dark place and struggling?
    • Get help. Professionals have helped many people with these issues, so they can definitely help you.
    • This feeling is temporary. It’s just a matter of getting through that moment.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Mike’s journey to do well and achieve financial success?
    • Mitch Miller.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in your drive to do good?
    • His parents.
  • When Mike is having a bad day, what does he do to get himself out of his funk?
    • Reframing his brain. Realizes his thought patterns can change and does activities like exercise to change his headspace.
  • What book does Mike recommend to those seeking a more successful path in life?
  • What is one thing on Mike’s bucket list?
    • Take his family to Japan, Jamaica and Thailand.
  • What are the worst and best pieces of advice Mike has received?
    • Worst: You can do it all on your own.
    • Best: You’ve got one life and you’re worth living the life that you deserve.

Do Well & Do Good Challenge Nomination:

“Active Minds has since become the premier organization impacting college students and mental health. Now on more than 600 campuses, we directly reach close to 600,000 students each year through campus awareness campaigns, events, advocacy, outreach, and more.

In addition to a 450+ strong chapter network of passionate student advocates, Active Minds’ programs include Send Silence Packing®, an award-winning suicide prevention exhibit; a speaker’s bureau featuring professional speakers who provide encouraging and safe mental health education for students and other audiences; and the Healthy Campus Award, which honors colleges that are prioritizing student health and well-being.

Our consistent message, amplified by more than 15,000 students each year, is that mental health needs to be talked about as easily as physical health. Only then can we bring suicide and mental health into the open so no one struggles alone.”

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