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Pool Party
Episode 62nd February 2022 • A Day in the Office • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: A Day in The Office

Episode #6: Pool Party

You are listening to A Day in The Office the podcast with your host(s) Samaira Sachdeva.

In this episode of A Day in The Office the Podcast, I will discuss the Pool Party episode of The Office, how I relate to this episode, and the cast of the show.

Segment 1: Summary of the Pool Party episode

  • Robert California
  • Jessica and Andy
  • Dwight and Erin
  • Michael being gone

Segment 2: How I relate to this episode

  • Old house and backyard compared to current house and backyard
  • Indoor pool/Outdoor pool
  • Animals and insects

Segment 3: Meet the Actors 

  • How Robert California got introduced to the show
  • The casts opinion on James Spader (the actor who played California)

So that is all I have for this podcast episode, I hope you enjoyed listening and I’ll see you next time!

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  • Countryside by Balkan Jingles
  • Mark by Eric Van der Western. 

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