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Hoop Heads - Head Start Basketball EPISODE 393, 19th November 2020
Adam Bradley - Founder of Lead 'Em Up & Host of the Hardwood Hustle - Episode 393
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Adam Bradley - Founder of Lead 'Em Up & Host of the Hardwood Hustle - Episode 393

Adam Bradley is an entrepreneur, intraprenuer, speaker & coach.  Adam is one of the original founders of the Hardwood Hustle Podcast. The Hustle is a resource designed to educate, empower and encourage coaches in the basketball community and beyond.

In 2015 Adam launched the nationally recognized leadership program Lead ‘Em Up, that provides coaches an engaging & cutting edge curriculum they can use with their players and is now used in over 500 schools around the world.

Adam serves as a mentor to many youth programs & schools in the Baltimore/Washington market.  In addition, Adam is the Director of one of the largest charitable golf tournaments in Maryland, the Bradley Open and is a regular speaker at his home church, Journey’s Crossing.

We recently launched the Hoop Heads Mentorship Program. We believe that having a mentor is the best way to maximize your potential and become a transformational coach. By matching you up with one of our experienced mentors you’ll develop a one on one relationship that will help your coaching, your team, your program, and your mindset. The Hoop Heads Mentorship Program delivers mentoring services to basketball coaches at all levels through our team of experienced Head Coaches. Find out more at hoopheadspod.com or shoot me an email directly mike@hoopheadspod.com

Our roster of shows is growing so don’t forget to check out all our other podcasts on the Hoop Heads Pod Network including Thrive with Trevor Huffman , Beyond the Ball, The CoachMays.com Podcast, Player’s Court, Bleachers & Boards and our team focused NBA Podcasts: Cavalier Central, Grizz n Grind, Knuck if you Buck, The 305 Culture, Blazing the Path and #Lakers. We’re looking for more NBA podcasters interested in hosting their own show centered on a particular team. Email us info@hoopheadspod.com if you’re interested in learning more and bringing your talent to our network.

Grab a pen and some paper so you can take some notes as you listen to this episode with Adam Bradley, host of the Hardwood Hustle & Founder of Lead ‘Em Up.

Website - https://leademup.com/  http://hardwoodhustle.com/

Email - adam@leademup.com

Twitter - @ABradley5 @Lead_Em_Up @Hardwood_Hustle