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26: Topical Plant Medicine, Ayurvedic Wisdom, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Sarah Lyons
Episode 2622nd September 2023 • Plants Saved My Life • Entheo Wellness - Plants Saved My life
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26: Topical Plant Medicine, Ayurvedic Wisdom, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Sarah Lyons

Plants Saved My Life

In this enlightening episode of Plants Saved My Life, we're joined by Sarah Lyons, of Dandelyons Co. She holds a background in Cosmetic Chemistry and Ayurvedic Studies. This fascinating journey takes us from the lab to the world of holistic wellness. After being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Sarah explored the synergy between Vedic and Nordic Herbalism, their innovative product "The Muscle Balm," and alternative plant-based therapies for chronic pain. Our guest also sheds light on how Western Pharmacy has commercialized herbal knowledge and shares insights into the transformative power of plant-based diets. Whether you're a herbalist, wellness seeker, or simply curious about holistic healing, this episode offers valuable insights into ancient wisdom and modern wellness.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of holistic health and discover practical approaches to well-being that can transform your life. Don't miss this enriching conversation with our extraordinary guest!

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Plants Saved My Life is a weekly podcast blending education, scientific research, compassion, and storytelling. Featuring real stories from patients who have overcome chronic conditions with the help of plant medicine and specialized medical practitioners, therapists, shamans, and other neotraditional healers exploring non-pharmacological means of medical intervention. Join us weekly for fascinating conversations with people whose lives were saved by plants. Let's demystify and destigmatize entheogens, naturopathy, plant-based medicines, holistic therapies, psychedelics, and functional nutrition. Join us as we pay homage to the plants and fungi we owe our health and happiness.

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