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The Power of Mentors | A Former Foster Youth Changing the System With Dr. Shauntina Sorrells
Episode 3715th March 2022 • The Inspired WAVE • CJ Rivard
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Shauntina is the chief program officer at Orangewood Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps almost 2,000 youth annually prepare for independent adulthood.

As a foster care kid herself, you will hear that she is an enthusiastic and inspiring voice taking the lead in creating change and success in her community by serving and advocating for foster youth. She is also passionate about equality and justice and determined to change statistics such as the one that only 3% of foster youth go on to graduate from a 4-year college.

There’s a lot of great takeaways about the power of persistence and belief in yourself and your ability to make a difference - which she’s now doing in a big way. You can learn more at:


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