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39: New INSPIRED Year
Episode 391st January 2021 • The eXperiment Podcast • Laura Doughty
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Cheers to a NEW year, a FRESH start, and getting out of bed!! I grew up in an old house built in 1894 (lots of great memories) and believe it or not, on cold mornings I loved nothing more than staying all snuggled under my warm down comforter. It would take a lot to get me out of bed. Now that has all changed, I mean yes, I still love a chilly morning under the covers. (keep it PG people!!)

Continuing on our traditions theme from yesterday, I start the New Year off with a fun brunch and that will definitely get me out of bed. Plus it’s always fun to have a full day of showing houses to my real estate clients! I’ll even get up for my business coaching clients to share my secrets to success and help quantum leap their business even on a cold day in January! What gets you out of bed?

In today's episode, I talk about finding what inspires you to get out of bed and making that your INSPIRED action plan for 2021. I'm here to help you plant those seeds and generate a blessing that flows over with abundance. Check out which program works best for your inspired action: Info Here