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Experience God's Amazing Grace (Ephesians 1:6) – Study 14
Episode 1414th September 2019 • Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • Study 14

John Newton's famous hymn "Amazing Grace" captures the essence of grace itself – it truly IS amazing!

Similarly, Peter tells us that God's grace is "manifold," meaning it is numerous, has many layers, depths, or "folds."

In this expositional study of Ephesians 1:6, Nathan Johnson discusses what grace is, why it is so amazing, and how we can practically live with the focus and reality of God's grace in our lives.

Grace is more than pat on the head, a gentle hug, or overlooking our sins – grace is powerful, epic in scope, and the daily need of every Christian to function and live out the Christian life.

Come and experience God's amazing grace.

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