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Blue Rupees Episode 28 - Shawn Layden Leaves Sony, Terminator in MK, & No MP in Last of Us 2
Episode 283rd October 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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What’d we play: 00:07:35

-What’d we buy: 00:19:20

-David’s Rant: Why are fighting games so good?: 00:38:20

-Nintendo Playstation owner could be putting it up for auction: 00:40:00

-Mario & Luigi RPG series developer files for bankruptcy: 00:46:45

-Pokemon Sword and Shield will have 18 Gyms: 00:50:15

-May trailer revealed at CEOtaku, Axl Low next character trailer: 00:51:20

-Mortal Kombat 11 gets Terminator trailer, a third variation: 00:55:30

-Nether updated in Minecraft: 01:03:00

-Doom: Annihilation: 01:04:50

-No multiplayer in TLOU 2: 01:17:30

-Super Mario Maker 2 has better multiplayer: 01:20:55

-PSNow cuts price in half: 01:22:10

-Apex Season 3: 01:28:00

-Shaun Layden leaves Playstation/PS Crossplay: 01:34:30

Trivia: 01:42:30

Topic: First game we played this generation?: 02:40:10