How Starsoul started the first cause driven t-shirt subscription
Episode 232nd August 2022 • Hit Subscribe | The subscription ecommerce podcast by Recharge • Recharge
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On this episode…

We’re chatting with Julio Villarreal , former US Marine turned subscription ecommerce founder of Starsoul. 

Starsoul, is the first cause driven t-shirt subscription business whose mission is to help others with their mission. We talk about how the idea for the business was formed right in the early days of the pandemic in North America as well as how Starsoul gives back to charities monthly based on the cause they’re supporting. 

We also chat about why the subscription business model was so appealing to the brand especially when it came to financial forecasting and inventory management. Lastly we hear about what’s next for Starsoul as they continue to grow and scale.

So let’s get started, Julio thanks for joining us!


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