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How To Work With Influencers With Donna Jackson
Episode 7627th August 2021 • Bring Your Product Idea to Life • Vicki Weinberg
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Donna Jackson is an Influencer of The Curious Mummy and founder of Suped Up Social, a digital marketing service for small businesses, startups, and creatives. 

Suped Up Social shows brands how to identify & connect with their audience by using a blend of pr, events, marketing & social media to form a kick-ass digital marketing strategy.


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Today I am speaking to Donna Jackson, an influencer known as The Curious Mummy, and founder of Suped Up Social - a digital marketing service for small businesses, startups, and creatives. Donna offers a unique perspective on working with influencers, as she is both an influencer herself, and advises businesses on how to work with influencers through her company, Suped Up Social

Today Donna is going to share all her tips about using influencers to help promote your products. This is such a fantastic episode. I think you're going to learn a lot and there are lots of practical things that you can go away and do.

Listen in to hear Donna share:

  • An introduction to herself and her work (1:37)
  • What influencer marketing is (3:22)
  • Why your brands need to align (6:35)
  • The benefits of working with influencers (10:43)
  • How to find an influencer with the right audience for your product (15:47)
  • The ideal influencer audience size (21:24)
  • The importance of creating authentic content (30:55)
  • Ways you can work with influencers (34:11)
  • How gifting works (39:40)
  • The best ways to find and contact influencers (42:51)
  • What you can expect to pay (46:36)
  • How to build a successful relationship (52:11)
  • Her main piece of advice for working with influencers (54:59)


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