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Creating Compliance & Advisory Growth for Accountants
Episode 1109th July 2020 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Damien Greathead has more than a decade of experience in cloud accounting, change management and marketing, specifically working with accountants and bookkeepers. Until recently, Damien led Receipt Bank global thought leadership program and customer marketing. He is now Head of Marketing at Practice Ignition. Earlier in his career, he was the Director at the consulting group 2020 Group USA which was acquired by Panalitix in 2016. Today he helps accountants and bookkeepers across the world drop the data entry and do more of what they love. Shownotes:

  • Shout out to 'powerhouses in the accounting profession' Ric Payne, Ron Baker, Chris Fredericksen and Paul Dunn
  • How the 20-20 accounting firm membership group was set up
  • Why the accounting profession is a phenomenal place to be right now
  • How accountants cope with change as a group
  • The power of momentum for accountants in dealing with change and disruption
  • Big up to Chad Davis about what makes the good accountants great
  • The power of the 'action after review' that leads to constant improvement in accounting firms
  • The rise of the smaller more nimble virtual accounting firms who recruit globally and are comfortable in a 'remote' world
  • An example of a virtual accounting firm that has clients globally with no premises and now employees 60+ people
  • Why making good money is actually one of the biggest challenges for accounting firms who want to grow
  • Accounting leaders - how do you balance what you need from your firm right now vz what you want it to produce in the future?
  • Fast growing accounting firms go one vital step further than just adopting new technology
  • Why bookkeeping as a monthly process is simply not efficient these days
  • New technology integrated into old ways of doing things has adverse effects on workflow and KPIs in accounting firms
  • Value pricing vz fixed pricing considerations for accountants
  • Why compliance is definitely not dead and why it's actually the perfect 'foot in the door' for accountants
  • Why it's up to the individual accounting firm to define what advisory services mean to them and then their clients
  • Best practice tips to deliver more successful advisory services in your accounting firm
  • What the good accountancy firms are doing well with differentiating and marketing themselves
  • What actually makes accountants phenomenal sales people if they reframe what selling actually means
  • Why accountants are great at sales but shocking at marketing
  • How accountants can more easily create engaging content which will will them more business and new clients
  • Shout out to great marketing from Andrew Wall, Carla Caldwell and Ryan Lazanis
  • The importance of small changes that build big momentum
  • What's coming up in the accounting profession over the next few years
  • Inspirational lessons learned from doing ironman triathlons, the New york marathon and swimming from Alcatraz

Damien Greathead on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

When he’s not working, Damien has Escaped from Alcatraz several times and has a few ironman triathlons under his belt. You can reach him here...




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