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Beauty and The Beat - Beauty and The Beat EPISODE 14, 29th September 2020


In this conversation Amanda talks to Kathy Murphy, an inspirational speaker, coach, singer and surfer.  Kathy believes that its time to fall in love with you and your turn to step into the spotlight. When we connect to who we really are, not what the world says we should be, anything is possible for us. And as a power together, we are the change the world needs to see. 

Show Notes:

00:05 - Introduction

03:40 - Things happen to us outside of us

06:20 - Kathy’s self realization, her accident

09:20 - When you know what your true potential is

10:04 - How do you change your mindset

14:56 - How thinking affects the energy flow : Hearing messages.

18:54 - Dealing with anxiety in the world today

23:20 - Change and resistance

25:54 - The insta shift program

32:25 - Grief, loneliness and death

37:45 - Money

41:04 - How we create False Narratives