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Success IQ - Geoff Nicholson EPISODE 131, 5th February 2020
131 - Bartercard A Global Bartering System
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131 - Bartercard A Global Bartering System

Over the last few episodes weeks, I have received quite a few emails with regards to finding more about our sponsors Bartercard. In order to answer some of the questions, I thought I would speak to there MD and see if I could come down to there head office and speak to some of the team to find out more.

A massive thanks to Russell and Nadia for taking the time out of their busy day to chat to me and explain the different opportunities that are available to you for working with Barter and a special thanks to Chris Kirby for allowing me to take a room away from them all to record the show live.

If you would like to know more about Bartercard then please visit www.bartercard.co.uk where you will find all of the information about contacting their trade and franchise departments.