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Sips, Suds, & Smokes - One Tan Hand Productions EPISODE 383, 6th November 2020
Honey I blew up the ABV
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Honey I blew up the ABV

Honey I blew up the ABV

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Co hosts : Good ol Boy Dave, Good ol Boy Kendall, Good ol Boy Drew, Good ol Boy Caperton, and Good ol Gal Julieanna

SUDS  Episode – Another price point discussion on high dollar and high octane mead from Dansk Mjød and Redstone.  A blind tasting discussion where we only know the price per oz. A nice mix of experience at the table from novice to expert. Shopping by price is the 2nd most important factor in a buying decision. Cosplay with your favorite Viking outfit is encouraged while listening to this episode. We taste and determine if the price/oz IS WORTH IT or NOT WORTH IT.


1.           Dansk Mjød Meadery Billund, Region Syddanmark Denmark

2.           Redstone Meadery Boulder, CO

a) 12:45 Sunshine Nectar 8% ABV carbonated Honey wine with apricot puree ( session Melomel) Redstone Meadery

*** of note, we were told we were drinking from a 375ml can when we actually were drinking a 500 ml can so our prices were off – we said it was $.79/oz $9.99/375ml and in actuality it is $.60/oz $9.99/500ml. **** WORTH IT

b) 18:20 Gl. Dansk Mjød 19% ABV Nordic honey wine with ginger and hops added. Dansk Mjød Meadery $1.19/oz $29.99/750ml  NOT WORTH IT

c) 24:30 Vikingernes Mjød 19% ABV Nordic honey wine with hops added. Dansk Mjød Meadery $1.19/oz $29.99/750ml WORTH IT

d) 31:55 Viking Blod Metheglin mead 19% ABV Nordic honeywine with Hibiscus and hops added. Dansk Mjød Meadery $1.19/oz $29.99/750ml WORTH IT

e) 36:19 Ribe Mjød 19%ABV Honey-apple wine with hops added. Dansk Mjød Meadery. $1.19/oz $19.99/750ml. NOT WORTH IT

f) 40:59 Passion Fruit Nectar 8% ABV Session Melomel honey wine infused with passion fruit puree. Redstone Meadery $.79/oz $19.99/750ml WORTH IT

g) 45:25 Klapøster Mjød 21.8% ABV Nordic caraway honey wine with natural flavor added. Dansk Mjød Meadery. $1.19/oz $29.99/750ml WORTH IT



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