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8. This Brilliant Strategy will help you Achieve Extreme Valuation through Extreme Ownership, with Mark Parrott
3rd May 2022 • The Dirt • Jim Barnish
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As a founder, how do you maximize the value of your company before exiting? What are the ingredients needed to reach “extreme valuation” and build a sustainable business? World-renowned strategist and author Mark Parrott joins Jim Barnish on The Dirt to share his insights on growing companies which he has compiled through an analysis of 1000+ private companies.

Executives need to shift their viewpoint from business owners to investors in their own company. How do founders build for transferable value from the perspective of an acquirer? By changing their lens, they can maximize valuation.

Collaboration with outside sources is a key component of founder growth. CEOs need candid feedback from people whose checks they’re not signing. Leveraging expertise by networking with other executives who experience similar challenges, even across industries, is essential.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Grow your valuation by changing your perspective from business owner to investor in your own company. Think about transferable value from an acquirer’s perspective rather than as a business owner.
  • Work yourself out of the business by moving from micromanaging to strategic oversight. 
  • Collaborate with others that can honestly empathize with you (i.e., similar stage/industry CEOs) to give you honest feedback by scrutinizing your vision and strategy.


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Vistage International

Meta-Trends and the Next Economy by Mark Parrott and Cole Parrott


Mark Parrott is a world-renowned author, chief strategist, and keynote speaker. His passion for objective, evidence-based truth has guided over 20,000 CEOs on their quest to drive sustainable growth in companies of all sizes. He co-authored the book Meta-Trends and the Next Economy and is a Chair and speaker for Vistage.



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