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Transgender Baptisms, Bishop Strickland, & Pope Francis w/Michael Lofton.
Episode 5517th November 2023 • A Holy Mess • A Holy Mess
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You want the truth? “You can’t handle the truth!!!” Actually, you can, but it takes humility and courage. You can know the truth, understand the truth, and adhere to the truth. Are you willing?

Right now, many are angry, confused, and disillusioned by The Pope and The Church, but should they be? There’s a lot of hype and negativity going around about the two latest “bombshells” dropped by The Catholic Church in the past week: The Vatican’s response to questions about whether a Transgender person can be baptized, a godparent, and a witness at a wedding or not, as well as Pope Francis’s removal of Bishop Strickland as the Bishop of Tyler, Texas. Many people are jumping to conclusions, but what is the truth? What is The Church actually saying about the former (Transgender questions), and what is Pope Francis’s actual authority regarding the latter (Strickland)? 

Michael Lofton, Host and Founder of “Reason & Theology” and Theologian who specializes in the area of The Church’s Magisterium, joins His HoliMESS to talk about His HoliNESS’s teachings, authority, pontificate, and much more. Lofton, who is extremely fair and balanced, calls out dissent on both sides of the spectrum: the far left and the far right. He challenges us to learn what The Church and/or The Pope actually teaches and remain faithful to it/him, rather than just believing headlines and commentary by those outside, and even inside, The Church, leading people astray. 

This is a conversation that you’re not going to want to miss. It can help bring peace and calm in the chaos and storm. 

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