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40: Slack, Track and...Hack?
Episode 4029th June 2021 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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EA have been hacked to the tune of 780GB of their source code which has now found itself for sale on various dark web forums. While they confirmed that they’d suffered a data breach, they’d offered no insight into how it happened. Until now…

Moving from EA to AI, research shows that AI can now convincingly mimic cybersecurity and medical experts, which, naturally, sparks some lively debate. 

We also get into a discussion about disclosure, following Kev’s discovery of a number of vulnerabilities in NetGear’s routers. NDAs are flying everywhere and if you stay very still and quiet, you can even hear the sound of someone in legal crying.

And, of course, we have a cracking ‘Hackers Could’ section this week! 




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