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Kevin Hazzard on Python, Grokking Topics, Category Theory, and the Zen of Chainsaw Maintenance
8th August 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy talk to Kevin Hazzard.


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Notable Quotes:

Frank has a treadmill desk. ([2:35])
“It’s all about collecting the data.” Health is secondary. ([3:25])
On Python… ([5:00])
We love our R listeners! ([6:30])
Never count JavaScript out. ([8:20])
Book reference: Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue ([8:50])
Book reference: “grok” from Stranger in a Strange Land ([10:45])
How would databases be different if we’d started with unlimited memory? ([12:00])
How to use data to drive web traffic. ([17:45])
Generic Activity Tracker architecture ([18:30])
Self-subscribing and auto-expiring microservices ([20:30])
Movie reference: Dune ([21:47])
The Walmart-Amazon wars ([22:00])
“Data hunted me down and almost killed me!” ([24:25])
Category theory ([25:30])
Functional, then categorical, then both. ([26:50])
“Sharpening chansaws.” ([28:05])
CosmosDB and Redis Cache ([30:15])
“I’d love to not have a screen.” ([32:30])
On serving our community ([33:00])
Book recommendation: The Alchemist ([33:40])
“If you’re a technologist, we sorely need you to serve.” ([35:40])
Richmond.Net ([36:45])