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Penury City – Thomas Nastek pt 1
Episode 9884th November 2021 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Penury City

Thomas Nastek pt 1

As we watch events unfolding on our evening news, many wonder, “What’s happening?” If you are a person of Faith, you know what’s happening. You know the Jesus and the Gospel writers prophesied that everything we see happening right now would take place before the return of Jesus. But, what do we have to look forward to as that day approaches? Many people have given their viewpoints. Movies have been made. Books written. And that brings me to my guest today… Thomas Nastek is a systems engineer from upstate New York. But he has always had a passion for writing and music. This has allowed him an outlet for his creative gifts. Most often, he has been writing fiction novels that reflect the Christian/Catholic themes with inspiring messages of hope. His most recent works a trilogy of books titled centered around the theme of “Penury City.” This series of books is not just a story for our day and time we live in. No, it is a book ABOUT the day and time we live in.  Think about that for a minute. Amen! This series of books is about the adventure or Biblical fathers wrote about that is being played out right now, in the day and time in which we live. But yet, there are millions, if not billions, of people that do not realize that!  This is the chance for us to live out and achieve the ultimate goal that we, as Christians, have been pursuing for thousands of years. To finally find the answer the question that has been burning in us for all of this time, namely, “God, are you there?” Help me welcome to the program, Thomas Nastek! Thomas, thank you for taking the time to join us on the program today. First question, other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Thomas Nastek?” To set the tone for these books, tell us about WHY you decided to write this series, “Penury City” now? And what is, where is, “Penury City?” I know your fourth book is sort of a side by side, author’s viewpoint, that the readers can use to assist them as they read through these books. It’s titled, “The Peshar.”  It was written to explain some things and give your readers a chance to see what you were thinking as you were writing these books. So, let’s sort of encapsulate that into this interview as I want you to briefly walk us through the trilogy. Book one: “Penury City – The Light of Gabriel.”  Give us the introductory plot and characters that you start off with. And that can relate to most people today. We are looking at our belief system under attack, every day, from every front. Abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, pornography, addictions, the spread of socialism, etc.  So the star of the book, Dr. Saul Kriesh, is facing battles with his conscious as well as social concerns as well. The path Dr. Saul Kriesh must follow is interesting. You have a series of connected, underground tunnels. Like an entire transportation highway. Tell us a little bit about this dangerous path and how he finds his way? Ok, let’s move to book two… “Penury City – The Ire of the Shekel.”  Tell us what this “shekel” represents. This group has now reached the city they have been traveling to. But it is not what they think? So in this book, it kind of ties together the setting from book one, “Penury City – The Light of Gabriel.”  and the ultimate destination in book three, which is “Penury City – The Zealots Return?” Let’s move on then to book number three. Can you introduce us to book number three, “Penury City – The Zealots Return?” Folks, there is no doubt we are living in troubled times. Times the Bible has told us would happen just before all of this, that we now know, will be wrapped up. Thomas Nastek takes all of the questions we have, all that we see happening – and the ultimate answer – and weaves a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat through every book. Be sure to go down into the show notes and click the links to order your copy today


Email: Website: BOOKS: Book One:  “Penury City – The Light of Gabriel” – on Amazon Book Two:  “Penury City – The Ire of the Shekel” – on Amazon Book Three:  “Penury City – The Zealots Return” – on Amazon Book Four:  “Penury City – The Peshar” – on the website Book Bundle:  “Penury City – The Trilogy” (Kindle) – on Amazon Book Bundle (with or without Book Four) - use this link AND enter Discount Code "pastor bob" to receive 20% OFF)!  (only through the website)!  

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