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Is there a biologist in the house?
Episode 282nd April 2022 • Six O'Clock Swill • Nick Cater
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In this episode, US President in Waiting and California Governor Ron Desantis bravely resist the Disney Corporation's woke invasion as the sane world rallies in support.

Could Disney's support for trans-gender grooming of children K-Year 3 be the low-point of woke or there untold absurdities still to come?

As climate catastrophists glue themselves to Sydney's roads, Nick Cater and Tim Blair throw their support behind the Askin amendment.

Why Will Smith won't be slapping Thug Nasty anytime soon, and the continuing debate on the nature of womanhood.

Special Guest: Rebecca Weisser, columnist with Spectator Australia

Tim Blair blogs for Sydney's Daily Telegraph

Nick Cater is a columnist for The Australian and Executive Director of Menzies Research Centre

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