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Better communication by understanding personality styles, part 1
Episode 51st February 2023 • Fostering Marriage • Joel & MaryBeth Fortner
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On this episode, we’re talking about the importance of understanding personality styles through the lens of DISC.

Why this is important

  • It’s super important to have better communication
  • It’s better for not taking things personally
  • It’s important for understanding each other

DISC 101

We all send and receive information the way we prefer to send and receive it

Natural vs. adaptive styles

We all have D, I, S, and C but people tend to have 1-2 dominant styles

Maturity vs. immaturity

The goal is to lean in the direction of one another’s personality styles

What that looks like

High D

(D) Dominance, Results Oriented, Driven, Competitive

Where they’re gifted:

Thinking innovatively, challenges the status quo



Leading groups in same direction

Functioning well under heavy workloads

Weaknesses or how they contribute to conflict:

Oversteps authority


Doesn't consider opinions of others

Takes on too much thinking it will create fast results

Commonly misses details that prevent mistakes

Controls environment through anger

High I

(I) Influencing, Persuasive, Inspiring, Enthusiastic

Where they’re gifted:

Enthusiastic and optimistic



Accepting of others

Incredible at influencing and motivating

Creative problem-solvers

Weaknesses or how they contribute to conflict:

Can be more concerned with speaking than listening

Says "yes" too much and overpromises

Feels attacked by critique

Needs to be accepted

Loses focus with too many details

Controls environment through charm




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