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E.109 Zac Garside & Brigham Dickenson - Power Selling Pros
Episode 601st August 2022 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Director of Sales & Marketing at Power Selling Pros (where Contractors turn their call center into a profit center). Creator of "The Storytelling Habit" at I help businesses craft a sales message that moves people. One of my clients said, "Zac was able, in just a simple conversation, to craft the message that was on my heart but that I could never put down on paper." I'm an obsessive student and practitioner of: ☑️ Speaking on Stage and in Webinars (crafting a message that makes people say "WOW... that's exactly what I needed to hear...") ☑️ Copywriting (while landing pages and emails are my specialty, I love the chance to pen some persuasive prose in any medium - one of my favorite clients fell in love with me after I wrote a landing that page that converts 40%+ for him) ☑️ One-On-One Coaching (I've coached several hundred of our clients at Power Selling Pros and, more recently, multiple High-Ticket Coaches through ☑️ Email Marketing (I took Power Selling Pros from having non-existent email marketing to consistently emailing messages that people reply to and buy from - over $150,000 in revenue was added to our business from email in 2021, a 5,336.17% ROI) ☑️ Sales (I've brought on 179 new accounts for Power Selling Pros while simultaneously serving as Head of Marketing to generate new leads) ☑️ Good Conversation (he who can ask a well-crafted question can change the world - I love to bring out the best in others through good conversation) ☑️ Content (I've written so many emails and blog posts for Power Selling Pros and my personal freelance efforts I don't even know what the count is... but I've shared some of my learnings here at ☑️ Podcasting (I've helped produce over 100 podcast episodes for "LIP Service for Contractors- and my personal podcast "The Storytelling Habit") ☑️ The Storytelling Habit (saying the same thing to your audience over and over gets old - I enjoy helping people and brands build a habit of telling engaging stories so they can attract more of the people they seek to serve... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) Currently looking for Business Owners who need help crafting a convincing sales message or have an email list they want to make more money from. DM me if that's you.

Time Stamp:

📍[5:57]How to address the big scary word of SALES with our office managers?

📍[6:13]Don't call it sales at all - call it customer service training...

📍[8:53]How do you coach a CSR to make an excellent experience because no one has to call you anymore... but they want to

📍[14:05]Put your world on hold - take care of those clients like they're your family....

📍[24:01]8 Principles: 1. Be positive 2. Be prepared & confident 3. LISTEN 4. Care 5. Reassure 6. Ask for the business 7. Build Value 8. Be Grateful

📍[30:09]The Power of the Urgency List. We had a cancellation in your area. We had a customer reschedule....

📍[34:09]When a customer is asking for help and you ask them for their data (name, address, phone number) instead of showing empathy and building rapport....

📍[35:53]When a customer calls you - they don't just tell you that they need your service they'll give you emotional details because they want to connect with you

📍[36:41]With people fast is slow... Because they have an emotional need... They will not get off the phone until that emotional need has been met. It's not logical - it's emotional.

📍[36:57]Giving before taking...

📍[37:17]You've called the right place

📍[43:37]Your CSR deserves your attention and training.

📍[57:13]Marketing Homework: Put your world on hold when answering the phone

📍[57:29]Finance Homework: Invest in training with your CSR to increase your conversion rate

📍[57:53]Systems Homework: Add gratitude into your call flow

📍[59:05]People Homework: Ask your CSR to rate their call from 1-5 after the call and see how they would change it

📍[59:29]Zac Homework: Ask your CSR what their job is? If they use the word just at any point then you have work to do....

📍[1:00:09]Brigham Homework: Incorporate these 8 principles into your culture.

📍[1:01:09]"A leader isn't a leader without followers"


Quote of the Day

"The struggle ends where gratitude begins" -Neale Donald Walsh


Zac Garside :,

Brigham Dickenson :

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas