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From Passion to Fruition w/ Josh (Yakyn) Willcutts
Episode 220th May 2020 • The Ultimate Shift • Ephraim Glick
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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented musician and songwriter, Josh Willcutts. Josh was working in a warehouse writing song lyrics on the back of Invoices. He struggled with anxiety which is why it’s taken him over 12 years to release a song.

Today he is living in one of the most music-driven cities in the world. His mission is to write music that will inspire people and be inspired in this beautiful and unpredictable stretch of existence we call life.

Let’s dive into Josh’s story and be inspired by how music can change the world.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 09:51] Opening Segment

●     I talked briefly about valuable information that you can take advantage of in this episode

●     I introduce Josh to the show

●     Josh talks about his background story

  •  Josh grew up in a Rose Creek Village, a Christian community
  •  Josh grew up in a religious environment and believes that he has different views in life
  • Josh’s life experience when his parents got separated

[09:52 - 17:20] Change Your Mindset

●     Josh talks about an experience of growing up in a religious environment and that his biggest fear was to do wrong

●     Josh shares powerful advice for people like you who are experiencing self-condemnation:

  • Relax, enjoy life, stop being so hard on yourself
  • Don't be afraid
  • Don't be ashamed of yourself for your mistakes
  • Step out, live life. It’s okay

[17:21 - 26:26] Enjoy Life, Find your Passion and Fulfill your Dream

  • Fortune cookies story: “The primary business of life is to enjoy it”
  • Josh shares a piece of advice to those who want to get into the music industry
  • “You need to have a strong passion for the music itself”

[26:27 - 36:48] Use Music to Inspire People

  • The Hardest thing about the music industry: Musicians vs Publishers
  • Josh shares a story about the biggest failure he had this year.
  • If you could write out your ideal life, the perfect life, What would that look like?
  •  I want to show my music to as many people as I possibly can to inspire them
  • Josh shares his insight on what keeps him from playing music

[36:49 - 51:31] Closing Segment

●Why do you think people struggle with vulnerability?

  • Society paints a picture of what a human is supposed to look and act like

●If you were put in a world stage where everyone is watching, and you’re given 5 minutes to make a difference, what would you say?

  • What I would want to communicate to the world is love, and to paint the picture that there's no fear of love.

●One thing that you're most proud of yourself today?

  •  I think I'm a very honest person

●If you could ask anyone in the world any question alive or dead? Who would that be? And what would the question be?

  • I would ask God, Jesus. What am I doing here?

●What your mission is? How can you make a difference?

  • To do the person good right in front of me at this moment in time right now

●     Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“The most important time is now because it's the only time you have and the most important thing to do is do that person good” - Josh Willcutts

 “Fear is a negative influence” - Josh Willcutts

“Without the fear, there would have never been the journey to lose it” - Josh Willcutts

“Step out, live life” - Josh Willcutts

“The primary business of life is to enjoy it” - Josh Willcutts

“Our society paints a picture of what a human is supposed to look and act like” - Josh Willcutts

Resources mentioned in the episode:

●     Selmer, Tennessee

●     Rose Creek Village

●     Nashville Songwriters Association

●     Bridgestone Arena

●     Nissan Stadium

●     Musicians on Call

●      War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

●     The Ultimate Shift

You can connect with Josh on Facebook and Instagram or visit his website You can also listen to his songs on Spotify!

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