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How to Have a Courageous Conversation
Episode 478th September 2020 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Just before lockdown, Rachel recorded this episode that specifically deals with helping individuals and teams manage those difficult conversations that arise during change, conflict and crisis. And it’s fair to say that as we continue, or return to work in our changed world, these conversations have become crucially important

Rachel talks with Beccie D'Cunha, founder of Courage Lab, about the conversations that we avoid and the conversations we really need to have with our colleagues, teams and managers. They can be described as difficult conversations, but we can redefine them as courageous conversations - because ultimately it takes courage for both parties to listen and be heard.

Beccie helps leaders and teams to have these conversations. Where there is conflict around performance, difficulty with change or challenges with strengths or differences, she mediates and gives people the tools they need to bring about healthy dialogue that leads to resolution.

Beccie’s top three tips to having courageous conversations are:

  1. Do your prep. Work out what you want to get out of the conversation? What are the pros and cons of having the talk?
  2. Take the risk to be honest and vulnerable with your feelings.
  3. After we’ve shared, be prepared to hear the response, and listen out for how the listener is feeling as well.

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Beccie D'Cunha

Beccie has relaunched her brand and website since this podcast was recorded and now has a new company name!

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Rachel Morris

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