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S4 EP138: Paige Sawkins: Positive Hospital Birth/Private Midwife/Low Egg Count/Factor V Leiden/Endo
Episode 1381st December 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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On today's episode, Paige takes us on a her journey, navigating the challenges of conception and recounting her empowering experience of an unmedicated hospital birth. 

After a heartbreaking missed-miscarriage, a sobering realisation dawned on Paige that a pregnancy doesn’t always guarantee a baby. Following the identification of a blood clotting disorder, low ovarian reserve, and an endometriosis diagnosis, she embarked on a series of fertility treatments that proved unsuccessful. But just as the idea of trying IVF crossed their minds, Paige discovered she was pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Paige stumbled upon a birth video that revealed the potential for an intimate birthing journey. Observing the the dim lighting, soft music, and calm atmosphere, she realised that childbirth doesn’t have to be a bright, chaotic, experience. Fuelled by this realisation, Paige and her husband immersed themselves in a Hypnobirthing course, arming themselves with the knowledge to advocate for the birth experience they desired.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @elizabethpaigex

Midwife: @valley_births

Hypnobirthing: @hypnobirthing_with_skye

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