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EP24 Clutter Chronicles - Coming Clean with Lindsey Camp
Episode 2427th May 2019 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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 Join us for a conversation with REAL mom Lindsey Camp and hear her story about how she decluttered her home. Lindsey started off by watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix and then asked if anyone knew of a support group or how to apply the same concepts to a regular mom. Love you Minimalists but mama's need to take a different path toward simplicity, right?! 

Lindsey's story is powerful as she talks about her life before she decluttered and how overwhelmed and tired she was and how she can now take a pole class twice a week, relax with her husband and let her kids be free range kids like she always wanted them to be (instead of constantly worried about what they were getting into and if they would get hurt.) How her relationship with money has changed, and her best tip for someone on the fence about whether or not they should declutter or not. 


.... How Lindsey got started on her decluttering process, her struggles and hesitations and HOW she got past them

...the benefits she has experienced because of her decluttering

...she shares her truth about the big mindset shifts she's experienced in her motherhood and how her clutter is not a part of that. 


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