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16. How to Protect Your Yes, Perfect Your No, Set Boundaries and Reclaim Your Power
Episode 1630th April 2024 • Radiant Womanhood • Tabitha Blue, of the Fresh Mommy Blog
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Do you constantly feel pulled in every direction apart from the one you want to walk in? Do you feel overwhelmed, overtired and in a constant state of stress? If so, you are not alone. In a world where saying ‘yes’ often feels like the default, mastering the art of saying ‘no’ can truly be a superpower.


Protecting your ‘yes’ and perfecting your ‘no’'  not only sets limits but also honours yourself, keeps you loyal to your own principles and values, preserves your wellbeing and unlocks your true power and potential.


In this episode, I’m talking about the transformative journey of embracing imperfection, setting boundaries and reclaiming your power through the simple act of saying ‘no’. And stay tuned to the end when I’ll be sharing the exact phrases you can use to start you on your journey to perfecting your ‘no.’


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