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The Use Of AI In Cybersecurity - Consultants Roundtable
Episode 3225th October 2023 • Razorwire Cyber Security • Razorthorn Security
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Hello, and welcome to Razorwire. This week, I've had a great time discussing the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on our industry, with my esteemed Razorthorn consultants, Tom, Jamie and Michael. We explore the different types of AI, including machine learning and chatbots, and discuss the challenges of achieving a low false positive rate and high general application.

You'll gain valuable insights into the evolution of AI and why we MUST take seriously the very real potential for malicious actors to use it for nefarious purposes. We'll also be highlighting the significance of incorporating security measures into AI development and the need for responsible implementation.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a comprehensive overview of AI and its potential risks and benefits in the future of cybersecurity. So join me as we explore this exciting and important topic, and take away key insights that will help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

"The reality of it is AI is a set of predefined algorithms for a compute standard to take in data, process that data, and then come out with a prediction, and that is impacted number one by the data that's being put into it but also the algorithms and controls that are set by the human factor programming that in."

Tom Mills

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

Overview of AI in Information Security

Michael gives us an overview of different types of AI, including machine learning and chatbots, and how they are implemented in information security.

Difference between True AI and Current State of AI

We talk about difference between true AI and machine learning.

Challenges of Achieving Low False Positive Rate and High General Application and how to improve accuracy.

AI Implementation

The consultants discuss ways of reducing risk and false positives in data discovery and leakage solutions.

Evolution of AI

The evolution of technology and the reality of whether AI will really replace jobs.

AI and Malicious Actors

The consultants discuss how AI has increased the pool of unsophisticated threat actors who can use AI engines to conduct successful attacks.

Behavioural Analysis Tools

Discussion on the use of behavioural analysis tools in detecting breaches and how they work.

Chat GPT and its Limitations

Discussion on the limitations of chat GPT and the potential for it to be used maliciously, as well as the potential for AI to develop biases based on the data it is trained on.

Quality Data for AI

The importance of quality data for AI and the process of stripping out unnecessary information to train AI models.

Ethics and Limitations of AI

The limitations of AI and the ethical considerations surrounding the data sets used to train AI models.

Regulatory Compliance Standards for AI

The lack of regulatory compliance standards for controlling AI and the potential consequences of malicious actors using AI for cyber attacks

The need for a kill switch

The importance of having a kill switch in AI to prevent it from going rogue and causing harm.

The possibility of true AI

The consultants talk about the possibility of achieving true AI, which is self-aware and can disable a kill switch.

Advice on utilising and protecting from AI

The consultants provide advice on how to best utilise AI and how to potentially best protect oneself from AI.

Interview with Chat GPT

Jim mentions his interview with Chat GPT about its views on information security.

Resources Mentioned

Behavioural analysis tools

Machine learning and threat detection

Scene products with behavioural analysis

Limitations on chat GPT

Ethics of AI system

Chat GPT political bias

Microsoft's AI becoming racist and sexist

The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

Elon Musk's chip for brain to computer interactivity

Rules for AI development

Three Rules of Robotics

Tool for identifying SQL injection using AI

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