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Fraudulent Emails Posing as TxDMV
16th February 2023 • Dealer Training Podcast • Delus Johnson
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From the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles:

The Department of Motor Vehicles recently received two separate reports of email-Fraud

posing as TxDMV. Both of the emails appear to be sent from using

‘TxDMV eLICENSING’ as the email account name.

The email contained the following language:


to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV.) webDEALER | eTag System


webDEALER|eTAG system is designed to make processing dealer tags fast and easy


dealerships, please

note that you are required to provide additional information in order

to continue to make

use of the webDEALER | eTAG system and also to prevent your

account from fraud.


access your account, please click on the link below to Update your profile”.


As a security

measure we will be forcing a password reset on all webDealer accounts at

2:00 PM

today, Thursday, February 16, 2023.  After 2:00 PM today, you will be

prompted to

change your

password following your login to webDealer, or you can choose the

forgot password

link to

reset your webDealer password.


the following tips to protect yourself:

Be wary of any emails that you weren’t expecting.  In cases where you can

verify with the sender, do so by phone.

Think before you click. Scammers depend on impulsive clickers.

Be very cautious of those urgent deadlines – i.e. messages from the IRS,

COVID-19, or your bank or credit card.

Never enter your sensitive information in an untrusted site or pop-up window.

Hover over the link with your mouse to see if the link points to a legitimate


Do not reply to any suspicious emails!

To report a suspicious TxDMV email or to verify if an TxDMV email is

legitimate, please send

the email to