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399 | How Britney Dancing On Her Treadmill Built Her Business
Episode 39916th May 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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This episode is such a special treat because you may have seen today’s guest in her viral TikTok videos. Britney Crosson is an incredible woman who Cayla met online because of the exact thing she’s going to teach you in this conversation. Britney began her social media journey by throwing caution to the wind and being her true self on social media, but the key ingredient was that she was having fun.

Britney Crosson is a social media thought leader, host of the Social Sunshine Podcast, owner of Fun Love Media, and a fun-loving mom. Through her videos, Britney has reached millions of viewers and she is positively impacting lives all over the world. In today’s discussion, Britney shares her background and love of performing, her TikTok tips and tricks, and her advice on enjoying the process of building an audience through short form videos.

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You will learn:

  • [2:41] - Cayla found Britney through her treadmill dance videos.
  • [3:24] - Britney shares her background and love for performing and how TikTok gave her permission to perform in whatever way she wanted.
  • [5:04] - Just because the path changes doesn’t mean that you can’t reach a similar destination.
  • [6:20] - It takes time and development to commit to the process.
  • [8:34] - We tend to overcomplicate a lot of things. Things that you might think are simple, it could be inspiring to others.
  • [9:52] - Britney shares three TikTok tips to get started.
  • [11:27] - You do not have to share everything on social media.
  • [12:16] - As you grow and develop, your content may change, but give it time.
  • [13:42] - Writing any form of copy is definitely a skill. This can be really impactful and you’ll get better at it over time.
  • [15:46] - For Britney, she is inspired by the music she makes videos to.
  • [16:47] - If you are really trying to boost views, look for the trending songs. But Britney advises that if you are in a creative rut, choose something that makes you happy.
  • [18:01] - Set a timer and spend some time enjoying TikTok as a viewer.
  • [19:37] - The potential for growth is incredible if you are consistent.
  • [21:10] - If you’re just starting out, build an audience without selling.
  • [23:46] - You have to balance out the entertaining posts and the call-to-action posts.
  • [25:12] - Enjoy the process! It takes a lot of time. You are less likely to quit if you are having fun.
  • [26:49] - People are not judging you like you think they are. Be yourself!

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