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The Family Culture Movement - Jodi Chaffee EPISODE 34, 2nd February 2021
5:34 - Strengthen Your Marriage, Strengthen Your Culture with Steven Dossou
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5:34 - Strengthen Your Marriage, Strengthen Your Culture with Steven Dossou

Steven Dossou, founder of Sail Force, an empowerment and motivational platform which focuses on how to use emotional intelligence to ignite transformation of individuals and groups. Sail Force is about unleashing people's non-cognitive and Leadership skills necessary to the fulfillment of their true potential and the catalyst of their various life and business goals.

Creator of "IGNITE THE TRANSFORMATION", and Founder of Sailforce Catalyst, Co-founder of Leadership. University, Author, Inspirational speaker and Transformational coach, Steven has impacted thousands of lives on a global scale. Steven is nicknamed "Action Man" and he is viewed by his peers as a charismatic visionary who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential by inspiring people to break their boundaries and redefine their limits. As a living testimony, Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform.

In this episode, Steven and I discuss that marriage is one of the strong pillars upon which a family is built. "Parents with low self-esteem, fear and self-doubt will raise children of the same traits who will be walking around broken in the society and creating a vicious circle in which we find trapped unhappy and mentally challenged individuals. On the other hand parents with firm confidence and great foundations in their beliefs will transfer golden values to their seeds." 

Steven says, society as a whole need to gain more knowledge about the laws of nature, be more tolerant towards each other and have a deep understanding of the notion that : "Everybody is doing what they can."

Connect with Steven on his website http://www.stevendossou.com/