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A Candid Conversation with Janel Sykora about Entrepreneurship
Episode 3417th May 2023 • Empowering Entrepreneurs • Glenn Harper
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Janel Sykora, founder of Thought Leader Creative, shares her inspiring journey towards entrepreneurship and valuable insights for those looking to take the leap.

She emphasizes the importance of starting a side hustle before quitting a day job and understanding one's niche and customer to add value and succeed as an entrepreneur. As someone who loves helping CPA firms achieve their goals, Sykora believes that passion and problem-solving should be the driving forces behind entrepreneurship, not just making money.

With a virtual assistant, a good writer, and a business advisor, scaling a business efficiently is possible. Plus, the conversation briefly touches on the topic of closet organization, adding a touch of relatable humor.

Running a business doesn’t have to run your life.

Without a business partner who holds you accountable, it’s easy to be so busy ‘doing’ business that you don’t have the right strategy to grow your business.

Stop letting your business run you. At Harper & Co CPA Plus, we know that you want to be empowered to build the lifestyle you envision. In order to do that you need a clear path to follow for success

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