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How To Ditch Imposter Syndrome In Five Simple Steps
Episode 1610th November 2021 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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How can you motivate yourself to switch from 'coping' with Imposter Syndrome to actually doing something about it? And what's really driving the show, when we're self-sabotaging and scared that we'll be 'found out' as a fraud?

In this episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast, you will discover:

  • How to spot the impact Imposter Syndrome is having for you and what it is costing you
  • The five step process I have developed over the past 18 years of specialising in this field
  • The secret first step that most people miss out, which is why they can stay stuck with Imposter Syndrome for decades
  • How long it takes to genuinely clear out Imposter Syndrome
  • What life feels like after Imposter Syndrome

Plus I share what you can do right now, if you're hungry to take action on this.

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