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Season 1: Marion Janner United Kingdom#36
4th September 2015 • The Bonfires of Social Enterprise with Romy of Gingras Global | Social Enterprise | Entrepreneurship in Detroit • Romy Kochan | Gingras Global | Social Enterprise | Detroit Entrepreneurs
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Marion who has mental illness and her support dog Buddy


Founder of Star Wards and Wardepedia

The Bonfires of Social Enterprise talked to the North London based, one-woman dynamo, behind the social enterprise called Star Wards. Marion Janner and Bonfires-lady Romy Gingras, talk about how mental healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom have come to embrace Star Wards as a benchmark for creating positive workplaces for health care practitioners, and patients.

Currently, Star Wards is funded by a group of charities that are devoted to its mission. They include British-based Comic Relief, The Allen Lane Foundation, London’s Department of Health, to name but a few.
Marion Janner says she’s in debt to The Guardian Newspaper, which, last year, named it as one of nine mental health-related charities in its annual Christmas charity appeal.

Listen in as Romy and Marion talk about a Guardian article, “The Buddy Effect, Improving mental health treatment, one pet at a time.” Buddy isn’t just Janner’s dog, but Star Ward’s chief mascot, and honorary editor of Star Wards’ online wiki called Wardepedia , a free resource of positive ideas for change for inpatient mental health wards.

Marion Jenner credits Henry Stewart, the founder of London-based business training company called Happy for validating her positive approach to empowering mental healthcare-inpatient service providers to make the changes they need to keep staff and patient morale up. A better work environment for mental health care practitioners gets better outcomes for patients.

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