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Virtually Stockproof
Episode 621st October 2022 • Thrill Of The Hill • Farm Advisory Service
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Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #6 – Virtually Stockproof. In this episode we hear from SAC Consulting's Malcolm Macdonald & Robert Ramsay about the increasing opportunities for virtual fencing technology in Scotland, including; benefits to stock management, habitat grazing and ease of use for the farmer.

As an industry, we have repeatedly been told that a mix of innovation, sequestration and emissions reduction can solve the climate crisis. This is true, but it is a special kind of innovation that could also contribute to halting Scotland's dangerous nature declines. Virtual fencing could be that technology and in this episode we get an update from Malcolm Macdonald on uptake in Scotland and the progress that has been made since the first time we talked virtual fencing on the podcast. We also discuss the virtual fencing roadshow planned for autumn 2022 across the country and what to expect from the events.

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